Kick the Carb-age 28 Day Challenge starting soon!

Keto or paleo curious? First you got to rid your body of its addiction to carbohydrates. Join this 28 day fun, supportive group challenge to transition from being a sugar burner to being a fat burner.
When: Nov 1-28, 2019
Where: Private Facebook page. Must have a Facebook account to access this challenge.
Who: Anybody who wants to transition to a whole foods based low-carb lifestyle, feel great, improve moods, loose weight, gain mental clarity, prevent metabolic disease risks, and perform at their best.
Coaches: This group will be co-led by two experienced coaches and followers of the low-carb lifestyle. Rebecca Thistlethwaite is a Certified Health Coach out of Oregon, former organic farmer, mother of two, and avid trail runner. Her philosophy is that everyone deserves optimal health. Cheryl Wentzel is a Certified Health and Life Coach from Minnesota. Her focus is on building a healthy, fulfilling life when living with dietary restrictions such as Celiac Disease. She herself has Celiac Disease and truly believes life should be enjoyed in all its aspects and food should not be a limitation.

Space is limited! Sign up today!

Kick the Sugar Habit Challenge

Get Clean Before Halloween!

7 Day FREE Facebook Challenge group starting Monday, October 14th through October 20th.
Join the Facebook page- @commit2livehealth
Live videos, discussions, handouts, and loads of
group encouragement.

All you do is participate and commit to a week without added sugar. We will start with identifying all the hidden forms of sugar hiding in your pantry and refrigerator.

Send me an email or text if you want to participate, or join via the Facebook page.
Text: 541-806-1526
All FREE, no gimmicks

You Don’t Have to Feel Like Sh*t

Is this you at 4pm? How about when you wake up in the morning? Nearly anytime of the day? You don’t have to feel like shi*t anymore.

As you get older, you may be brainwashed to believe that having lower energy is just normal. Feeling tired, bloated, irritable, paunchy, sluggish, a little or a lot overweight, these are just a “normal” part of the aging process right?

No, no they aren’t. There is no reason why aging needs to result in any of these states of being. There are a few biological truths of aging that scientists have not fully figured out yet, like slowing metabolic rate, reduced cell repair, and decreased hormone production. But the rest of these health conditions that as a society we have come to accept as “fact” just are not.

-Just because a lot of us are obese does not mean that we have to become obese as we age.

-Just because a lot of us don’t get enough sleep does not mean that we have to get crappy sleep as we age.

-Just because a lot of us experience constant anxiety does not mean that we have to experience more anxiety as we get older.

-Just because a lot of us have GI troubles, gas, bloating, heartburn, etc. does not mean that we have to experience those troubles as we age.

In short, you DON’T have to accept that feeling like sh*t is your new normal. Because it is not normal.

What could happen in your life if you stopped feeling like crap?

What new goals or dreams could you manifest?

How would life look, feel, sound differently if you felt great?

How would your family, friends, and other loved ones experience life if you felt great? How might your interactions with them differ?

Picture yourself in 90 days from now feeling amazing. What would you be doing? Where would you be? How would you feel?

This is where health coaching comes in. I help you move from where you are today (maybe feeling like sh*t) towards that vision of yourself 90 or 180 days from today. We can get there together. Remember that feeling crappy, shitty, bloated, inflamed, in pain, sleep deprived, and anxious are not what you have to feel for the rest of your life. You have the power within to feel amazing. Let’s do this!

I Am Certified!

I just recently completed all of my requirements to obtain my Health & Wellness Coach certification through The Health Coach Institute. This is an accredited health coaching curriculum that is both rigorous and relevant. It produces some of the best health and life coaches out there because we learn how to transform our client’s lives through habit change.

I am super proud of the work I poured into this program and the continuous learning that I devote weekly to become the best health coach I can be.

Women’s Track & Fitness Camp- Fall Season

Drop in or come all 8 weeks, it is up to you! I have designed a workout that includes 35 minutes of running, 15 minutes of whole body functional fitness exercises, and 10 minutes of stretching in a supportive, non competitive environment.
Don’t consider yourself a “runner”? No problem.
You will leave sweaty, energized, and encouraged.
Donation of $5 to $15 per session requested.
Kidcare available on site with a responsible teenager for
no additional charge.
Sept 3-Oct 22, 2019, 5:30-6:30 pm rain or shine
Text if you have questions: 541-806-1526

Women’s Track & Fitness Camp

Drop in or come all 8 weeks, it is up to you! I have designed a workout that includes 45 minutes of running, 20 minutes of all body strength exercises, and 15 minutes of stretching for all fitness levels. Don’t consider yourself a “runner”? No problem.
You will leave sweaty, energized, and encouraged.
Donation of $5 to $15 per session requested.
Kidcare available on site with my 14 year old daughter for no additional charge.
June 25-August 13, 2019
Text if you have questions: 541-806-1526

I will be organizing a fall camp as well in September & October.

Making Movement Stick

I have a natural affinity to moving my body everyday. I love the release of endorphins, I love to be outside, and I love to feel strong. I have been an athlete since about 6 years old when I started playing soccer. So it is generally not a challenge for me to motivate to exercise regularly. I try to move at least 30 minutes a day.

However, I know it can be hard for many people to find the time and the motivation to exercise. I don’t want to belabor the excuses here, you all probably know some of them. What I want to talk about are potential solutions. How can you make daily movement a HABIT? Here are some ideas that I recently snagged off the NPR Podcast Life Kit, plus some ideas of my own.

  • Reward yourself for exercising. Put $1 into a glass jar for every hour you workout or every mile you walk or run. Give yourself a timeline and deadline to try this. At the end, empty out the contents, count it up, and reward yourself with a new outfit, date night, or mini-vacation. I did this last summer and earned enough to buy myself a couple awesome fall outfits.
  • Punish yourself for NOT exercising. Here is an ingenious way how. Each time you skip out on a workout that you planned or scheduled, put money in a jar or savings account. Decide at the beginning what charity or political candidate you don’t like that will receive all the proceeds. If you keep skipping your workout, next thing you know you will be writing a fat check to a person or organization you don’t admire.
  • Find a buddy to workout with. Adding external accountability helps. You don’t want to disappoint a friend that you signed up for a class with or are scheduled to go on a bike ride with, do you?
  • Set yourself up for success. Put your workout clothes on first thing in the morning. For those that work out of the home, this may be a little awkward sporting a leotard and bike shorts at the office, but what the heck. Everyone is going business casual these days anyways. Or just wear it underneath. You are more likely to workout if you are actually wearing the right outfit. And for those who don’t work or work from home, this will definitely help get you out the door or moving in your house.
  • When all else fails, dance party. Seriously. There are some days, especially shorter winter days, where I fail to get to the gym or outside for a run/bike/hike. So I turn on some hot salsa dance beat tunes and have a dance party with my two kids. We have such a great time and end up laughing our heads off. Great way to work out any stress lingering at the end of the day as well.